Ms –> PhD

Since the last day 21 I’m a doctor in physics. My thesis defense was really entertaining. I was not worried with not being approved so I went to the defense keeping in mind what I could learn from the examiners. You can find my presentation here (PDF, Portuguese, my first presentation with Beamer). It’s huge, I had to skip some details, and others are not written.

My thesis is ready a long time ago and it has some peculiarities. Since it was clear to me that I knew everything that is written in the papers I am a co-author, instead of wasting my time detailing in the thesis those results, I just translated them to Portuguese, adding some comments to the older results, and used much of the time I had to explain the context from which those results belong, i.e., I did a review of noncommutative space-time, its connection with string theory, dualities, symplectic geometry, differential forms etc. These reviews were useful to myself and to the examiners, since not all of them were familiar with all these concepts. Some very small corrections to the thesis remain to be done, after that I will upload it here.

In the following day of the defense, 09/22, I just rested. In 09/23 I made some adjustments to my thesis presentation to turn it into the 15 minute presentation I did in the meeting ENFPC XXVII. This presentation is in English and only concernes the last work of mine, you can find it here (PDF, English).

The ENFPC XXVII was a very good meeting, perhaps my favourite of all the six ENFPC’s I’ve been present (all since 2001). The most significant problem for me was the distance from Rio de Janeiro to Águas de Lindoia. We needed 8 or 9 hours to go that city. The return we did in 1 hour less, however we arrived in Rio in a thursday after 17:00. Normally I need from 45 minutes to 1 hour to left UFRJ and arrive home (in Niteroi), in that day the same trip took 2 hours and 5 minutes!

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3 Comments on “Ms –> PhD”

  1. maryam Says:

    Why u don’t update your blog

  2. Davi Says:

    Hello Maryam, thanks for your message and interest. I still don’t know when I will write something new. There are plenty of things it would be interesting to write here, but it takes time and I’m busy… I may write something new soon, if that happens I’ll e-mail you.

    Best regards,

  3. Are u real or are you being treated in some asylum for your views ? are u hallucinating or are u really a part of real society. Click

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