MikTex 2.5 and Hyperref

Just now I upgraded my old 2.4 version of MikTeX to the 2.5 version. The details of the new version can be found in the last link. Those who already have version 2.4 installed may use the MikTex Update Wizard.

There was a change in the default option of hyperref, it was changed from hypertex to dvips. The line \usepackage{hyperref} is no longer compatible with the DVI building (but pdf documents are generated normally). To correct this problem one may either replace \usepackage{hyperref} with \usepackage[hypertex]{hyperref} in each tex file (*) or, which I prefer, return to the original default option. To do the latter, first locate the file hyperref.cfg (its standard folder is C:\texmf\tex\latex0miktex), then open it with an ascii editor (e.g., Notepad “Bloco de notas”). This file has only one line. Where it reads “dvips” replace with “hypertex”. Save the file “hyperref.cfg” and now everything will work fine. For both DVI and PDF outputs one may use \usepackage{hyperref}.

For more info, see TUG, this manual and Miktex 2.5.

(*) A PDF document can be built with that option, but the hyperlinks won’t work. For some reason, the modification in the hyperref.cfg file doesn’t have this drawback. Explanations?

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7 Comments on “MikTex 2.5 and Hyperref”

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  2. Marcel Zemp Says:

    Thanks! This solved my problem! I had the problem that lines were not broken anymore in the table of content, figures etc. First, I had no idea why that happened. But then I also realised that the hyperlinks do not work anymore. I made the changes in the hyperref.cfg file and now everything works fine: hyperlinks are back and the line-breaking in the table of content etc. works fine! I don’t know why it doesn’t work in the “new” version. Is that a known bug?

  3. Davi Says:

    Hi Marcel, thanks for your message! I don’t know if this modification in the hyperref standard option was done on purpose, but I really didn’t like it (and lost some time to solve it). It appers that many people have complains on this.

  4. Guillaume Says:

    I tried to change the hyperref.cfg file like mentioned above but it still do not work. In this file I open, the only place where it says “dvips” goe like this : {hdvips}. I tried to replace the “dvips” with “hypertex” and it do not work. Anyone have the same problem ? This is a major bug.

  5. Davi Says:

    Hi Guillaume, now and in the next days I don’t have access to a computer with this miktex version installed, but I don’t remember of seeing “{hdvips}”; nevertheless in the end you should have “{hypertex}”. In the 2.4 version the complete hyperref.cfg file reads:

    \ProvidesFile{hyperref.cfg}% [2003/03/08 v1.0 MiKTeX ‘hyperref’ configuration]

    Best regards,

  6. Manuel Luque Says:

    Thank you very much! You have been very helpful for me! Replacing the line \usepackage{hyperref} with \usepackage[hypertex]{hyperref} solved completely my problems with dvipdfm.

  7. lami Says:

    Same here! Thanks a lot!

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