Some news: thesis, previous E. Witten speech, D. Gross, D. Shostakovich etc.

Almost three weeks since the last uptade, I have a lot of things to comment.

1. Thesis. My thesis is ready since the last week. The defense will be in 21/09/06, now I’m working on its presentation (and listening my new CD’s).

2. An old order of mine finally arrived. Just to cite the titles (some I know for a long time, others are new to me): Frank Zappa – Yellow Shark/ Ensemble Modern; Frank Zappa – Freak Out; Caspar Brötzman Massaker – Home; Charles Mingus – At Antibes; Charles Mingus – Jazz Portraits; Igor Stravisky – Stravinsky in America / M. Tilson Thomas (it includes Agon besides some other pieces from Strvinsky’s final years); Igor Stravinsky – Le Sacre du Printemps & Petrushka / Boulez (my third version of Le Sacre and second of Petrushka); Mr. Bungle – Mr. Bungle; Mr. Bungle – Disco Volante; John Coltrane – Love Supreme [remaster] (my first non-free-jazz from J. Coltrane); Henry Threadgill – Carry the Day.

3. Pointless news. Now the About page is much more complete. More general improvements soon.

4. E. Witten. I went to the Witten’s speech cited in the last post. He talked about universe expansion, string theory, multiverses and many other topics due to the participants questions (the questions section was huge). This speech of him was very clear and intended to an audience of nonspecialists, as previously announced. Neverthess, physicists would not loose an opportunity to do many questions to him. While talking about multiverses and the string landscape he first pointed that he find those ideas interesting and that they answer some of his old questions; however, he hopes that they are wrong, since he still wish that string theory could answer all his original questions including the deduction of many parameters which, from the multiverse viewpoint, are regarded as devoid of a fundamental significance [they are essential parameters to the existence of our lives, but their values could be others, other universes may exist with different parameters; likewise the distance of the Sun from the Earth is essential to the existence of the forms of life we know, but it’s only an accident without a fundamental physical significance (there are many planets with different orbits)]. Among many other discussions and papers, see, for instance, Bee’s Thoughts on the Anthropic Principle. Moreover, Witten questioned the scientific value of the multiverse hypothesis on the grounds of physical predictions and experimental verification, without entering in the details. When questioned about Loop Quantum Gravity he just said that he doesn’t find this proposal intelectually attractive for him.

5. D. Gross. David Gross will give a speech on “The future of physics” in the next thursday, 08/31, for details see here. A more technical speech of him will be given in the XXVII ENFPC.

6. Shostakovich. In the same day and local, just after the D. Gross speech, there will be a performance of some works of D. Shostakovich (see here). Shostakovich has some great works, like his Symphony N° 13 (“Babi Yar”), I still don’t know the works which will be presented I’ll look for them.

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