ENFPC XXVII, SW map, dualities and E. Witten tomorrow.

I completed my registration on XXVII ENFPC (National meeting on particle and fields physics), a traditional Brazilian meeting already announced in Christine’s blog. This year’s meeting will be held in Águas de Lindóia, SP, a near city for the physicists from São Paulo, we from Rio have to travel more than the usual (I hope this time the bus’ air-conditioned will work and the trip will take less than 10 hours)!

I wish I already have exposed here more details of mine thesis and research (including a tentative explanation for my friends who are not physicists), I will again postpone that. In this link (PDF) you find an “extended abstract” of what I pretend to present in that meeting. The title is 3D and 4D Noncommutative electromagnetic dualities and the role of the slowly varying fields limit. Comments?

Tomorrow Edward Witten will present a speech on the expansion of the universe (details here or here). I’ll try to be there. Unfortunately I lost Lisa Randall‘s presentation yesterday and I could not attend the Young Researchers Symposium (see also Sum Over Histories). Moreover I almost don’t have time to write in this blog, I’ll stop now. Thesis, thesis, thesis…

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3 Comments on “ENFPC XXVII, SW map, dualities and E. Witten tomorrow.”

  1. Muito interessante este seu post, Davi. Já tinha ouvido falar deste físico no livro Hiperspaço do Michio Kaku, o qual tive a oportunidade de ler há alguns anos. O autor se derrete em elogios a E. Witten.

    Sérgio Farias.

  2. Greetings,

    My name is Dimitri Terryn, finishing Master’s student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I’ve just discovered your blog through Einstein’s Office, and I must say that I like it alot. I will definately add you to my blogrol.

    I’ve noticed that there are quite a number of Brazilian physicists in the blogosphere. My blog has a large number of Brazilian visitors as well. Any explaination on why you people are so active ;-) More countries should be like that.

    Al the best,

    Dimitri Terryn

  3. Davi Says:

    Dear Dimitri, it’s a pleasure to know that you liked this pointless blog. I’ll pay attention to yours, I’ve found some really nice posts. I pretend to write another post soon, by now I’ve done a new “About” section. Also Soon the links will be (re)organized and one to the “At string school” will be inserted.

    Not only Brazilian physicists are very active in the blogosphere, Dimitri. Somehow we have a very good participation in the web in general, no matter the topic (including the bad side, like spam, virus, worms…). I also would like to understand how this came to happen (cultural and economic factors). Moreover, it appears that physics in Brazil is quickly developing itself and we are getting closer to the major potencies, the differences are still great, but the distance is being shortened.

    Best wishes,

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