Two deaths of great personalities today

Today died one of the greatests Brazilian physicists: José Leite Lopes ( He has done important contribuitions to the unification of electromagnetic and weak forces and had a leading role in the establishment of two Brazilian researches centers (both in Rio de Janeiro): CBPF (Brazilian Center for Researchs in Physics) and the Physics Institute of "Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro" (UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro Federal University), where now I am. For more details see the previous link. The news can be found here (Portuguese): 

Today also died one of my favourite composers: György Ligeti ( ). Ligeti became known by the general public when Stanley Kubrick used Atmosphères (one of the outstanding works of Ligeti) as part of the soundtrack of the movie 2001: A space Odyssey. He has developed a new approach to composition which he called micropolyphony, and is today commonly considered one of the major compositors of the XXth century. More details in the previous link. The news can be found here:

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