Some diverse and interesting links

A.M. Bach or J.S. Bach? AMG — An interesting article in All Music Guide about the possibility that some works of J. S. Bach have actually been made by his second wife.

Peter Svrcek and Edward Witten – Axions in String Theory (hep-th/0605206). Each time a read a paper by Witten I become more convinced that everything is very well explained, he does care to teach the reader. There are plenty of superficial papers much more difficult to read. I should read this one with care, it has "only" 62 pages! — I think I would need a new doctorial fellowship to read the previous one (hep-th/0604151). 

An elementary introduction to String FIELD theory: hep-th/0605202  (22 pages)

An interview/documentary on Feynman (The pleasure of finding things out): (video) .

A not recent but curious post of Lubos on global-warming

O ovo ou a galinha? Acho que, para qualquer pessoa que tenha uma noção simplória de genética e evolução das espécies, a resposta é clara. Contudo, por algum motivo, essa questão ainda continua a parecer atual para boa parte da população. O Globo anunciou a "descoberta da resposta" citando uma reportagem do Times. Há muita coisa que a ciência não explica, mas esse "paradoxo" é um péssimo exemplo. :)

The last album of Meridian Arts Ensemble contains a composition of Nick Didkovsky (from Dr. Nerve): cdbaby— The demos are interesting.

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